Why no zone capture mode?

Yeah mate, and this is going to my 'top 10 ideas that literally sucks so much and which have no upside I dont even know why would you even suggest it'.

For one, maps are bigger, and concealment works very different, DDs can contest a cap for ages without some sort of external factor such as radars or planes, even without an island cover in between. In WoT? If its an open cap, LTs either fight to death given no teammates is there on either side, or you dont even go to the cap, since other tanks will be able to shoot you. If the cap is closed off, then it's just a slugfest between HTs. Even less flankng routes for low tier HTs and MTs. There is very little strategic variety to it compare to WoWs. And a small spot in the map just screams for arty to counter it, since the cap cant be that big even the slighest splash will reset it.

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