Non-americans of Reddit, what American customs seem outrageous/pointless to you? • /r/AskReddit - this is why I think everyone is American until proven otherwise, and why america is so big

Man, I have an answer to that question. Have lived in America since the mid 90s.

The obsession with guns - it's a very creepy fetish. Americans are in no position to make cracks about German or Japanese porn. Huge industry.

Everything is a fucking sale. Valentine's day - sale. Veteran's day - sale. Christmas isn't about Jesus, family or any other sentimental crap (seriously, don't kid yourselves). No holiday for the sales "event" we want? Fuck it, it's "Sweetest Day," or a "Summer Blowout" (or whatever). There's always an industry for it.

Bootlicking military/police worship - especially when the latter wastes a minority. T-shirts to be sold. Seriously

"I'm [insert European nationality]." Money to be made, depending on the holiday.

"Hispanics are all Cuban/Puerto Rican/Mexican" (For Miami, New York, and everywhere else, respectively)

The sports suck. I've never seen so many fat guys be called "athletes."

Even liberals buy into over-the-top, nationalistic fuckery (listen to reddit during the Olympics). Buy your patriotic Olympic tees at Walmart.

On that note: "Liberals." LOL.

"If you don't like Murrukuh, you can giiit out." (Would be great, if so many countries had not been ruined for the sake of U.S. profits/feeding its illegal drug habit).

Permits for everything. Permits for demonstrations, permits to use a goddamn public park (some of which are privately owned, I guess). Of course, there is an industry are fees to pay for that.

Everyone thinks their state is a goddamn country. Seriously, it's not just Texans. A New Yorker and a Texan are like a German and an Italian in the sense that they talk about each other as if they were not from the same country (but not in the sense that they're equally different, Jesus).

You don't need that much goddamn sugar, you're not three years old. It tastes just as sweet with 10% of the fucking syrups, powdered sugars, glazes, frostings, etc. that get piled on shit over here.

It's not "Italian" food if you have 10 Mexican guys in the kitchen and the restaurant is run by a guy named Brian. Get fucking real.

It's not "homemade" if I'm buying it from you, dickhead. It's a cute industry word.

Founding Father worship. Holy shit. It's heresy to even remind people that Thomas Jefferson held slaves and fathered an illegitimate child.

"Fuck you, I've got mine" - pretty much sums up Americans.

There is definitely a black people problem here, but not in the way most "hardworking Americans" think there is. There's an industry in that.

The whole neo-confederate thing. It's was not a lost cause. The only thing I love about that flag is that I know who to get away from. Creepy bastards.

Muh propertah.

Americans think England cares about them. I've heard that Brits call America "the Colonies." I've heard Brits say "huh?" Pretty much sums it up.

If you work hard, you can do anything.™

College is a necessity. Yet, many are screwed even with a degree. Naturally, there's an industry in that.

Competitiveness. Seriously, how small does your dick have to be? I've never seen an American's dick, but then again, I may have just not noticed it. There are many industries for that.

"Oh, noes, a boob on TV."

The POPE has no problem with evolution. This isn't even Pope Francis I'm talking about, it was at least two Popes ago.

Muh Military. Muh Military. Muh Military. There's an industry for that.

Freedom of Religion (some restrictions may apply).

Entertainment's not bad, though. This leads me to another grievance - the whole persecution complex Americans have. Entertainment is a sign of prosperity, yet nobody complains more than Americans do. Naturally, there's an industry for that.

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