Non-americans of Reddit, what American customs seem outrageous/pointless to you?

While your post has a degree of burn worthy truth in it, i can't help but agree with her.

I graduated college and had my apartment flood (guy above me had a water pipe burst in the middle of the night and the dumb ass sat around assuming the water would run out eventually - my ceiling caved in and much of my stuff was ruined).

I moved back home until i got up on my feet. I didn't push my parents in any severe way. But i had an extreme curfew put on me, i didn't mind doing chores as i was living there free of charge and i was unemployed.. but there was just massive pressure to sit down nightly for the 'family dinner' rather than go out or pass on it, listening to music in my bedroom with obscene language (if overheard) became cause for a fight where my folks attempted (like when i was a teen) to throw away the media b/c it wasn't residing in their house. It ended up being stored in my car for the duration of my stay.

We just fought constantly. Usually over nothing, or just..incredibly trivial bullshit.

my sister, being a girl - (so that's "different" says my ex-kkk, bumpkin father) got it so much worse than i. she was literally treated like a 10 year old for no other reason than she had a pair of tits. Whenever her boyfriend would come get her or she'd go out with him - the crap my father would say or do would give anyone reason to believe he cares about her pussy more than her boyfriend did.

I don't know what it is - but american parents don't respect their children all that much as adult. I'm a 33 year old man, live in a 3,000sq ft house, my wife and i make 185k a year combined. We have money in the bank, investments, we both have degrees, i read 10-20 books a year, i get indepth with my hobbies, i take care of my property - but in the end, i'm just a stupid kid who doesn't know anything. I always do things the "wrong way". My priorities are never straight, my interests are dumb and childish, and my father has a long list of opinions about the software companies i work for not caring about whether i work from home or not, or not having set hours i'm required to work, or the fact they buy me whatever sodas and snacks everyone likes every week, pays for our cellphone, requires me to be on-call. The company's are "foolish" to be so lax, and i'm foolish for going on call without additional compensation (never mind i make more than he ever did).

I see the world different, i do things different, i have my different tastes, i am part of another generation and they'll never see me as anything more than a stupid little kid. nevermind at 33 i'm already more accomplished, more educated, better read, have traveled more, have had more relationship experience than either of them (they're high school sweethearts).

Granted - out of college, i wasn't all that- but it was kind of the same thing. You never escape being something they need to guide and control - and it's only because of legal and cultural pressures they don't interfere when i'm not under their roof.

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