Non-Americans of Reddit, what do you feel we Americans need to hear?

You did say you have no problem with it. For example:

Why? Who cares?

I care because I'm tired of being bombarded with the same old arrogance I keep seeing.

And I told told you virtually no Americans believe that other countries see us as being all that great. So why do Americans need to hear that? Nobody believes that other countries think we're as great as we do.

And here you say that you don't think the problem exists. I am telling you, I see it. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen it. It's not your post.

Also, you have incorrectly interpret what I said, again. You seem to think that I said "All Americans think other countries think America is great." I didn't. I said this:

America is not seen by the rest of the world as being as great as most americans believe it to be

In that sentence, "it" is America.

What? What situation are you referring to?

The situation that my original comment was about. How a lot of Americans keep on priding themselves on 'freedom'. I stated it in my original comment. It's the same situation you deny exists.

With all due respect, I appreciate you disagree with me. You are not going to change my views on what I have seen about Americans and their 'freedom'.

That seems to be a distinction without a difference

I disagree with you. The difference is, that on one hand Americans think others see them as great. This is what I am not saying, and what you think I am saying. On the other hand, Americans think themselves to be great. This is what I am saying. The former is an idea you have created. The latter is an idea that I have posted about.

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