Non-Americans of Reddit, what do Hollywood movies always get wrong about your country?

Movies get things wrong about America too, for those non-Americans that don’t know.

Ever see the stereotypical high school movie (High School Musical, Ferris Buler’s Day Off, Mean Girls, etc.)? High school is not like that here. You don’t get to have your locker next to your bff, nor do you even have time to use it between classes, you don’t get to have every class with them either. Sometimes, your schedule is just bad and you have 0 classes with any friends, including lunch (and you’re stuck sitting in the corner listening to a gay kid tell stories to his friend, about his escapades, while you just sit there and pretend not to listen. Yes, I heard them all Sean (fake name for obvious reasons.))

Plus, no one ever breaks out into song and dance, nor would any staff care about how much you’ve ditched. They may call your parents and tell them, but other than that, they’d just suspend or expel you.

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