Non-Americans of Reddit, what do you think of Joe Biden?

I'm an LGBT POC and what is clear to me that I can't ever trust a party who runs a ticket featuring Joe Biden, much less Kamala Harris!

Biden is running on the promise that he will fight against pretty much everything he voted for in the last 40 years. People say Harris is changed and now wants to reform the police, rather than throw every black man she can find in jail on like she's been doing her entire career.

If the Democratic Party can't find two members who wouldn't have to about-face their positions in order to run, then I don't see why me or people like me (racially, sexually, economically) should EVER vote for them.

As for your opinion on who I should vote so that I'm not a race traitor... I don't know what to say to someone who thinks I'm too stupid to understand my own interests. Fuck you too, I guess?

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