Non-Black Muslims love to post about Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X but....

That definitely must be a bad experience you went through and no one should go through that.

However the second you start out with "any non black Muslims" your already drawing lines in the sand. You mentioned Malcolm X when he went to Mecca for the first time that is when his eyes opened up and saw Muslims are all different colors and cultures not just blacks.

You are doing what the media typically does you take your limited experience with bad people (again that sucks you were called such things) and your painting the entire population of certain communities with them all being bad based on your experience.

You should make dua and be patient. You should also look up the history and how BLM started and their goals not what the media tells you research facts and perhaps you will have a better understanding of what BLM is. Any organization that fosters extreme ideas is never a good thing that goes for any race, religion or background.

Perhaps your a revert and your going through some learning experiences. There are always good and bad in every community but to paint a board brush on an entire community is quite racist and ignorant itself. You should speak up and research credibile Imams to help you with your situation. I hope you find the peace within your heart your looking for and those negative people are kept away from you no one deserves that treatment.

And if you disagree with anything I wrote please read your title.

"Why do non-black Muslims love to post about Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X"

Do you what your doing here? You are taking your experience and then you are taking that experience and claiming everyone from that background are all the same. Watch this CNN video and this is what your doing as well as many others not with just religion with a lot of topics.

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