A non-canonical comic revolving around the Jedi Order never being destroyed and Order 66 never happening would be amazing.

Realistically, Anakins future in such a world is not great.

Sure, he gets to not kill padme and all his friends, and he can actually grow into a more emotionally stable being without Palpatines whisperings, but stormclouds are on the horizon.

The twins are a ticking time bomb, he's never going to be able to keep that secret for long and it's doubtful he would even want to, and that would reach a crisis point for him - abandon his family and romantic attachment to Padme, or leave the Jedi Order.

And even if he does stay in the order, everything changes. If he was a master, he would be stripped of that rank. If he got back on the council (the council would likely ask him to step down after the confrontation with Palpatine since he's not yet Council-worthy and his entire reason to be there was some Sith plot) he would have to leave in shame. He would be watched for essentially the rest of his life, and any Jedi he trained would be held eternally suspect as well, since if he broke the Code once, would he do it again? Would they be more disposed to the sins of their master?

In all, for anakins life to really improve and for him to stay a Jedi, you need to undo the end of Episode 2 entirely, because that's the moment where his destiny was set for tragedy.

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