Non hapas and quapas who lurk here: Why do you lurk here?

An AM friend of mine used to give me shit often saying my son will be brown Elliot Rodger (I’m indian). When I asked him why he kept saying that he sent me some vids from Eurasian tiger and a few threads from here. I found it pretty interesting cus I couldn’t really deny much of it.

My gf checks most of the “bad hapa mama” boxes (except instead of white men she has a huge thing for Arab/middle eastern guys which I resemble enough for her liking). She has no problem saying very negative things about AM and nor do her AF friends. One experience that really stood out to me was when I was out with her and a friend and some asian guy tried asking out the friend and they couldn’t stop laughing about it and making small dick jokes (not to his face, but still). That kind of made me realize that maybe her relationship with race is not the most healthy, and it became kind of obvious to me how this could lead to problems down the line when we have kids...

All that said she really is the sweetest, most wonderful girl I’ve met, we’ve been together for 6 years and I intend to stay with her... So I kind of lurk here for 2 reasons, 1) I find these issues interesting and there’s basically nowhere else they’re discussed, and 2) I want to see how I can make sure my future kids have a healthy relationship with their asian side

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