Non-monogamy on dating apps

These threads are why I get panic attacks when I am attracted to women in the streets.

I am bi/poly. I have a male partner but I ONLY have homoromantic interest outside it.

I have only date other bi/poly women. I'm not hunting. Frida Kahlo is my hero. Fight me.

I had a bi girl experiment with me and my partner, move in, and then ghosted me now for her new girlfriend IN THE SAME HOUSE. It was mean, selfish, and she likes talking about how much better the sex is while pretending we're BFFs.

I'm honest. I communicate. I'm a bilingual, biracial, mulitmedia artist and I'm terrified of being punished for living in this nonbinary idealism of a relationship. I feel queer, I do my homework; I have a date tonight and I'm still waiting for a drink to be thrown at me and burned at a stake.

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