Non-traditional accounting bros, tell us about your career path

2011: graduated with a liberal arts degree. No job opportunities in sight.

2012: traveled to Europe and North Africa a bit, staying with family

2013-2016: studied accounting

2015-2016: studied, passed all cpa sections first try

2016-2018: started B4 Orlando Audit at $52k. Left at $61k. Kept getting thrown around from one understaffed busy season to another. Touched a little bit of everything: manufacturing and distribution, non profit healthcare, aerospace defense, timeshare.

2018-present: left B4 for a theme park operator as an internal auditor for $70k and a $5k signing bonus. Work 9-5. Busy season: leave at 6 at the worst.

I get to go home to my 1 yo Shepherd and hit free theme parks on the weekends.

Future: looking to relocate to the southwest part of Orlando. There’s almost a dozen large public companies in the entertainment/tourist industry from restaurant operators to timeshare providers to my company’s direct competitors. Not including the private companies, I could switch companies every 3 years and never exhaust industry options until I retire, and never have to move.

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