Non-white people playing D&D, what's your take on the matter

Assuming your players are fine with this, you also need to consider why you are choosing to do this and how it will be carried out. If its for shock value, scrap the idea right now, it will not go well. If you are ready to engage in some serious discussions as a group as a way to educate and grow, then you still need to be very careful in how you approach things. Assuming its that direction, I would study up on these issues, dig deep into why they occur and how people either fall into it or come out of it. You have to approach these topics in a very nuanced way where you go deeper beyond the surface. I would also make sure that you talk to your players about this as there is a difference between a short NPC interaction for a thematic element vs. you spewing profanities at a player. I won’t say it’s inherently wrong to approach these subjects, but I think many people do not like to see it because the DM has not sufficiently studied these issues to present it in a nuanced and thought-out way where it devolves into shock value if that makes sense.

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