The nordic welfare state does it again "Anders Breivik accepted at Norway's University of Oslo" tuition to be paid by taxpayers money

You mean the most pragmatic solution that does not involve the death penalty. I am against the death penalty, but if you really support this resocialization on pragmatic grounds then you're balancing some ethical intuition with some pragmatic intuition. Killing him would be easier for the rest of us and wouldn't set any bad incentives.

However, pragmatic arguments still rely on some utilitarian base - after barring capital punishment resocialization increases total societal happiness. Even the egoist might tolerate this public welfare on his own account, but what if the public welfare is only aided superficially. What if the society of maximum leisure, minimum pain, and freedom from pressures (evolutionary, social, economic, etc) steals something fundamental from the future.

What if all greatness in man and men is bought through past suffering and it cannot be avoided? Evolution without natural selection? Strength without exercise? Immunity without illness? The man whos will had never been oppressed often finds he has no will, no character, and no independence when he has his freedom. Various studies show the ability to inhibit pleasure seeking, to control oneself, to will strongly, plays a primary role in future success or failure.

What if Western societies could not function without Western culture and liberals (libertarians and social liberals alike) were mistaken in thinking we only had to design working institutions and not also working people. What if these draconian institutions which degrade societal happiness helped to maintain longterm trust in the legal system that would span generations. What if genetic evolution must continue for society to progress and we should not subsidize the frail person or the frail business?

Of course not! Freedom from all pain! Freedom from all terror! Freedom from all evil! Freedom from all masters! This is understandable - to the socialist "practical" is what creates the least experience of pain in the present day - but that's only a narrow perspective and not truth itself.

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