Is it normal?

I think you might be right about him not being entirely over his ex, it's something I've wondered myself for a while. We've been together for two years, he left his ex for me but when we met they weren't together. He chose to be with me, but shortly after we made it official I found out he was trying to find his ex on every social media and reaching out to her all the time. Telling her "I miss you love you need you. We have a connection. You're still in my dreams. My arms are open." He's gone as far as telling her we broke up just to get her attention. I realize I'm in a toxic relationship and I'm in love with an idiot. The most recent stunt he pulled was earlier this month/late October, his ex was texting him and told him to come over, he went over there and from what he said she wasn't home and he waited on her porch for 5 hours. To this day he drops everything for her, including me. I'm a cool for staying with him as long as I have and going through all the shit, this is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine 2 years of nonstop bullshit. When I was happy, I was clueless of what he was doing behind my back. Everything he's said to his ex and what he's done has been a giant fuck you to our relationship and me.

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