Is it normal for an INTP to have outstandingly bad memorizing abilities?

I remember academic stuff quite clearly (I think) specially when the topic has piqued my interest, I'll remember every detail if so. I also remember RANDOM details about other people like their go to starbuck drink, their habits when they're feeling a certain emotion, and other things like that. People get surprised I remember that about them. I guess it's also my love language. LOL AS IF I KNOW HOW TO LOVE ANYWAYS

On the other hand, I'm bad at remembering social events, interactions, anything that has to do with socializing and talking. Probably due to the fact I rarely experience them. I'll not remember anything unless it makes a huge impact on me. Like when people have done me wrong. Or when it's so crazy it's 1000% unforgettable.

But in general, I THINK I have good memorization abilities BUT it only lasts for a while. I only have to hear something once, to memorize it. (Of course I won't memorize long huge ass essays but atleast I'll remember it's content. If you test me about it I'll most likely get more than half of it.) Once I don't need the info anymore, I'll surely forget it then. So I write/record almost everything in my life from hotel numbers to car plates because I'm afraid I'll forget even though it's unlikely. I also write/record them for memories because as I said, I'm bad at remembering those.

So, do I have bad memorizing abilities? You tell me. I'm the type of person who gives neutral answers... because I don't wanna be wrong, but at the same time I wanna be right.

I might not be making any sense but I like typing paragraphs that explain my side. lol

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