Is it normal for dentists to file down healthy teeth to fix the bite after a filling is placed?

Let me give you a bit more on what I'm referring to so you can better correct me.

So yesterday, the lecturer talked about occlusal equilibration. He advocated on canine and anterior guidance and indicated it's important to have no posterior rubbing on excursive movements at all. To achieve cusp on fossa on all posteriors and guidances on anteriors with disclusion on excursion, equilibration is done by adjusting predetermined inclines of cusps from facebow / CR mounted models .. and adjustment can be made whether it's on natural tooth structure, on a crown, or direct restoration.

He says it's important to equilibrate especially when you're doing a crown on a tooth that suffered a cuspal fracture. That it's important to determine where the interference is before slapping another crown on there where the same interference may occur.

So, OP did not experience all this. OP wasn't explained why their natural tooth was adjusted, so it doesn't sound like that's the case for OP.

Also, OP indicated their other side isn't touching at all - and that's not a sign of good dentistry.

Would love for you to tell me why I have no idea what I'm talking about. It's a practice and I'm always ready to learn.

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