Is it normal for a manager to control every little detail of what every single employee does?

Yes, me and my coworkers did complain and we did have a meeting. They argued with us the whole time and forced it to go their way as we expected so now their policy is “set in stone” because in their mind we all reached an agreement.

I had other coworkers leave and go to different parts of the company, which actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea now. I just worry about having to fake another drug test because I do smoke weed and they do random drug tests/ I’d have to redo my pre employment which I faked the first time. It’s a whole mess... lol.

The other 2 employees are temps and I am the only real company employee. So they are also afraid they’ll be replaced if they speak up more. We had another temp who they told was going to be made an employee but they ended up letting her go with no warning claiming they “weren’t approved for a 3rd position” but then brought in someone else 2 days later. They told other people that she quit, or that he assignment was ended. Obviously lies, they just didn’t like that she spoke out so they had to get rid of her to make an example.

Honestly I might just have to start looking at completely new places as unnerving as that is.

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