Is it normal to hate having boobs, as a woman?

I used to hate mine. When I was little and they were “growing in” I guess you can say, I used to punch them because I didn’t want them to come. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t, because I’m fairly certain I screwed one up and I’m obviously But I do believe that there is a spectrum, and that I fall slightly closer to male than a girl should be. But I’m not close enough to want to transition. It’s kind of like a slight annoyance in the back of my head, and occasionally things will trigger it to be stronger. For example, if a genie were to come and give me three wishes, one of them would to become male. But I’m not bothered enough to go through the process non magically, you know? I actually thought I was lesbian but I’m just kinda a more masculine straight girl. And I’ve accepted my body for the most part

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