Normalise women wearing shorts

This reminds of my time in college. I am a male by the way. This is kind of rant against double standards shown by women against men so you can skip it. My college had girls and women who would wear Western cloths without any one raising any eyes expect some village guys who were new in a city environment. I used to workout a lot and my college had opened up a new modern gym in the campus. I was elated and would workout twice a day. (PPL split. ) ( Once at my gym and once at college. Different body parts. )

Jeans t-shirts and semi casuals were causing an inconvenience for my workouts during the day or noon depending on my classes so I decide to wear a stringer. ( Those who don't know how a stringer look like )

One day I left a bit earlier than I usually went and took my pre workout (C4) And workout out heavily for like 2 hours. Took my post workout protein shake and a small protein meal. I was looking like an aesthetic God so I decided to go to my classes and show my physique to the chicks. I was wearing stringer with gym shorts and sports sneakers.

As soon as I enter into the class my professor who was lady who considered herself as the Messiah of western thinking and was a proponent of women being sex + and very much vocal about patriarchy and men's misogynistic thinking asked me to stop and change my clothes as they were not appropriate while at the same time wearing a skirt and a tank top which was showing her cleavage like Rekha's song "Mann kyu Behka re adhi raat ko," My class had over a two dozen girls wearing shorts which were just 3 inches below their glutes mindyou.

My professor without missing a beat lashed out, "Tumhare ghar mai maa behen bhi hai jo aise nange ho k class mai aye ho. Are you at your house. You should know how to dress publically. You're studying at a premiere institute of higher education and you come here dressed as if you're going for your bathroom. What do you think are you Hritik roshan or shahrukh khan who will flaunt his body over here and get girls? ( All of this said In her fake British accent) I went quiet for a second and said, "if women can wear shorts and clothes that show their body why can't men?" She went hypersonic and completely took it in a wrong direction and put her book down and said, " Mr. "my name," are you against women wearing clothes that she wants to wear to liberate herself from the clutches of patriarchal Dyers like you who want to them in the cages of their old and conservatives cages and use them whenever they feel like? Do you think we are an object to be used by men like you and then tossed in a corner only to be treated like a dog? Well let me remind you Mr ...... We aren't. Women are more capable of doing things that men can do and we don't need anything to be taught by sexist men like you who consider us to be only sex objects."

I stood there thinking how the hell did the brought things up which I never said and assumed so much about me.

She rambled on. " Are you wearing these clothes because you want to f* these girls and think they'll fall for your hot body? Are you one of those guys who like to bed a new girl each day and toss the old one considering them chewing gums that you can open up anytime and throw anytime?

She paused for a moment and stared at me from head to toe and (I flexed my chest a couple of inches extra at that time, a bodybuilder can understand ) said you just came here to show you body didn't you? ( Honestly I did) We'll today you can sit in my class but if you want to join my classes from day onwards you'll have to wear something appropriate like other men and not something that shows how careless and dirty minded you're. I didn't wanted to lose my grades so I kept quiet and sat with some girls who happily gave me seat along them. The class went very awkwardly for me as girls alongside me were starring at me like an object. (the thing they hate themselves) I was stared at by teachers and students alike and was commented on. Guys were like, " steroids kam use use" "Apne ko arnold samjhata hai kya" "Arm wrestling karke dikha lag jayega tujhe pta kaun strong hai" Nad girls were touching my arms and chest without my permission. A few even took photos of me. ( Not that i minded )

My girlfriend met me after classes and after seeing other girls show so much interest in me got sad stating that i don't love her anymore. I just want to fuck other hot girls and show my body to them. She asked me why was I wearing clothes like that while wearing tight jeans and top herself. I said why these double standards. To which she went some more. She said, "oh now you're my words hurtful and think I am controlling you. You don't want to marry me. You have used my body and killed my soul today. I don't mean anything to you now, do I?

You want, "Shivya that "bili wali aankho wali ldki" don't you? ( Shivya was a girl in chemistry branch who has hazel blue eyes which were pearcingly beautiful and i used to joke with my girlfriend that one could get drowned in eyes without water.

I was amused at her ability to jump at conclusion just like that. She didn't let it die for another six months. We broke up after that because of her too much controlling nature. I remember being with few girls who use to come to my gym and we would go to the park for cardio and they would frown at uncles wearing baniyan and shorts and go, "eww disgusting" at the same time calling men who didn't let them wear whatever they like misogynistic and control freaks and oldies.

I just wanted to say that it goes both ways ladies. You judge men who wears baniyan and shorts and call them ugly and disgusting. We need a society where no one is judged for wearing the clothes they like to wear and give real freedom to everyone.

Then maybe I'll be comfortable in going to going for evening walks in my gym vest while wearing only gym shorts flaunting my sx packs. Till then, "Lift heavy Bro's, We"ll are gonna make it Brah' !" Zyzz will be proud of us.

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