“Normalize Culture” is such a contradictory concept

I still do not agree with you, because one of your main points seems to be that I’m basing my opinion on a fallacy of composition. I actually never said anything about one specific person representing an entire group, nor did I say anything to imply that I was referring to a specific person/type of person. This isn’t about a group of people... it’s about a trend.

“You’re arguing that if someone wanted something to be seen as normal by people it is still possible for them to not care about social norms, which makes absolutely no sense.”

...Yeah, exactly. That’s what my post is about, it’s that it makes no sense. Very often* the very same culture that promotes the “eff the haters” mindset is the one to try to “normalize” something new every day. Which, as you and I agree upon, makes no sense.

*Note the words “very often” before saying this is a fallacy of composition. Many times does not mean always, and I am adamantly acknowledging that. In fact, for you to assume that my opinions about some scenarios represent my opinions about ALL similar scenarios is something like a fallacy of composition...

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