Normalize talking about, and healing from toxic masculinity.

I’m a lady who was raised in a macho culture, so none of us were allowed to show any emotions. It really messes a person up (I got better!).

I’m a 31yo dude. After working with a therapist both individually and with my wife, I’m realizing more and more how much of a problem this has been in my life.

I was depressed a majority of my life and never realized it because that seemed like “wimpy” shit. Due to depression and trying to cope by binge drinking for ~10 years, my memory is absolute shit. Remembering my childhood is very difficult.

The biggest way I try to contribute is by normalizing therapy. “Therapy” is not a dirty word and men can and should feel safe going to therapy. I bring it up casually with friends. I’m working towards becoming a partner at the business I work for and want my employees to be able to share their emotions. The owner is open about her experience with therapy, which is one of the factors that drew me to her business.

My wonderful wife is a school teacher. She does a ton of work with social-emotional skills. I feel like a lot of these little boys are better with their emotions than I was at 25.

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