Normally I'm pink... but I figured I'll let my inner mermaid come through!

I don't know, you could see if r/selfies is a thing. Or make it a thing. But do you really think r/pics is here for selfies, or objectively impressive photography. Stuff like

Me and bobs first date at Chile's

always gets annihilated.

If you want something to do well in a sub, it's got to be of a quality consistent with it. Some shit GIF that might play well to my fam on FB isn't going to do well on r/highqualitygifs or r/gifsthatkeepongiving and it would by my fault for the poor performance if I posted them there. I can either cater to the broader audience, by say making a quality gif that's fucking impressive, or I can find a more niche community that my content better fits.

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