Is Norris losing his 'future champion' lustre at McLaren ?

He's not the first.big talent to have been fast tracked out of F3...but the ones that are are usually pretty handy straight away!

Again, weak attempt.

Let me ask you this: give me one example of another driver performing as well as Max did (a near supernatural performance) in F3 (and Kartin), or another major, equally as advanced junior category (at age 16), and entering F1 at age 17? (Red Bull and Marko signed him purely because he was just that good already at age 16/17 like no one else ever was at that age). You can't, simply because Max was the most gifted (and fastest) child racing prodigy _ever at the junior level. That's why he became the youngest ever F1 driver.

These are the facts:

1) Single seater, open wheel experience is way better than Karting experience for F1. Excluding Kimi, all the other drivers have had way more single seater car experience than Max did when they entered F1, plus they were all way older than Max was when they joined F1.

2) Max only did ONE SEASON in single seaters before F1, and that was F3. The Florida Winter series was a non-championship series that no one, including Max, raced seriously. Will Buxton was one of the drives. Enough said.

3) Max was 16 during F3, youngest competitor ever. Enough said. Max was 17 in his rookie F1 season in 2015 against Sainz, at that age, everyone else were still struggling in "God knows what" crappy series. Enough said.

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