North Carolina judges block voter ID law, saying it discriminates against Black people

voter IDs are also prohibitive for people who lack sufficient transportation, a stable home address, or who have lost the necessary legal documentation to get said ID (e.g. extremely poor people, especially people of color; people escaping abuse; homeless people; disabled people controlled by abusive caretakers; etc.)

if you've ever lost a a significant portion of your legal identifying documents, it's a massive pain in the ass being sent round and round to get them all sorted. even when you're well organized, it requires days of work, reliable transportation, being able to pay unexpected fees, and delays due to unclear policies. it's effectively an impossible task the less resources you have access to. and the people most likely to struggle with these things are impoverished people of color.

requiring voter ID, even if it's free, isn't as simple as it sounds. voter IDs sound like a sensible policy, but they are still a key part of voter suppression because of who they systemically gatekeep away from the polls.

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