North Miami Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man With Hands in Air Trying to Help Autistic Patient

This is a bullshit case here and I hope the cop who shot actually gets punished and held accountable.

But I think this is a case that could have been avoided if people would just mind their own fucking business. Today people hear "If you see something, say something" and all that creates is paranoia and unnecessary calls to the police.

Something like this "looks strange" but when I was growing up, no one would call police over something like this, someone may approach and ask them if everything was OK but no one would call the cops, and so no one would get shot over it.

With paranoia growing on both sides tensions are going to lead to more and more of this shit until I think people can just go back to minding their own god damn business and not calling the cops on every kid with a toy, every shopper in a walmart with a toy, every manly looking woman in the woman's bathroom, every "thug" with what looks like a gun(ends up being a phone), every #whatever... Because of this "report anything strange" mentality we have now I just expect more shit like this, especially combined with media telling us every day "the world is ending!!!"

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