Northam Tweaks Gun Ban In Response To 2A Sanctuary Movement

The fact he's willing to grandfather in existing weapons tells me two things:

1.) He nor any of the other authoritarian cunts gives a shit about public safety otherwise they'd be still be rolling the hard 6.
2.) The 2A Sanctuary Movement didn't just magically change his mind. This was the plan all along. They threw everything at the wall and are seeing what sticks. The idea was never to fully hit us with the contents of SB16 and follow through, the idea was to rattle our cages and when, such as now, when they offer us a carrot, we're like "Oh, okay, this isn't so bad" and sign on. This is just like selling your house. You advertise it for an amount higher than you want and when you "compromise", you're still walking away with what you want.

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