Norway bans hate speech against trans and bisexual people

No, it's not what the law does.

It took the existing law that protected gays and lesbians from "hate speech" and added language to expand it to trans and bisexual people.

The existing penal code punished people with up to a year in jail for private remarks, and up to three years for public remarks.

That's up to three years in jail for insulting someone who is in this protected class. You can equally insult someone not in this protected class without fear of jail time.

This is wrong in and of itself. Groups of people should not have special protections beyond that of the average citizen. And the government should not be policing speech that is not threatening or inciting violence.

This also means anyone that criticizes a member of these groups, valid or not, has to fear speaking that criticism lest it be turned against them as a criminal complaint.

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