Norwegian women drink least while pregnant, British women drink most

Many people are very happy being poor and just because a child is not planned does not mean the family is permanently unhappy, there is far too much comments and jokes about using not contraception that show so many really judge people who have unplanned children.

There's a big difference between unplanned and unwanted.

There is also a big difference between responsible parenting and selfish parenting. Many people have children and do it for selfish reasons. I don't agree with either.

I don't agree that someone who is pregnant can justify drinking during their pregnancy if they want a child. I also don't think it's a good idea for people who are alcoholics or drug addicted to get pregnant.

In an ideal world, each child would be wanted, the mother wants to be pregnant, the child is well looked after and in an ideal world where all these things could take place, there would be a lot less social problems.

If you drink when you're pregnant, you harm your baby. If your educated and you know this, there is some amount of justification going on.

The UK recommends no alcohol when pregnant, and yet they have the highest rate of drinking when pregnant. Why is this?

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