Not all 24hrs are created equal

If you study business, i e a bachelor of business administration degree in University, there may be a couple of times in different classes where they address the time value of money. This is a fancy way of discussing social and economic classes, where different people have different values to society. I'm not talking about moral or ethical values, I'm talking about financial value. Some CEOs are worth 250 times more than the workers who make the company for which the CEO Works possible in the first place

We are all taught that everyone is equal and all life has equal value, but then the reality of things is that some lives are worth more than others. Actual worth often has an inverse value to economic worth. If a CEO disappeared, the company would continue as normal and probably take their sweet time finding a replacement. If every single worker who made the business possible disappeared, the business would grind to a halt. Replacements would have to be found immediately. Yet the CEO probably makes more than all of these absolutely necessary employees make combined...

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