Not allowing a young reactive anything anymore a good way to handle a situation? [wall of text]

I do agree with the "no leash" meetings, since that's quite common practice.

I both agree and disagree with "no dog parks", since I don't go to dog parks either, unless we are alone there or only with dogs we already know and get along with fine. So in this regard, I personally do use the dog park in a sense like it would be my own garden....and do not go there when other dogs are around.

That dog park has a ton of obstacles, a sandbox for some lots of stuff I don't have in my garden. Well, I don't even have a garden in the first place ;) ...we live in an apartment building and my neighbour doesn't have a garden either.

The thing is though, that dog is not allowed playdates either anymore and this is what I find worrysome. If I did understand my neighbour right, the dog -for now- only is allowed walking on the leash and not interacting with other dogs or humans at all.

solo decompression walks,

Never heard about this, mind to explain?

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