Not answering girl you date/temporary ghosting

I was in a relationship with a guy who did that to me whenever he got mad. I was talking with him a lot anyway, but when he did that it made me call him insane amounts of time and write more.

But it wasn't because he was more attractive or that I lost interest if he wasn't "rare". It was because I was insecure and him disappearing caused me distress. I was practically afraid I messed up and wanted to make sure he'd still be there.

Today I wouldn't react that way anymore. I would wait for response or adjust my amount of responses to his, I'd assume his disappearance would be due to being busy or in bad mood and I'd try to give him space.

So don't take it as a sign of interest. Take it as a sign of worry. Do you want to cause her distress and worry? Probably not. Please sort your insecurities other way. Tell her directly, you missed her and that she can talk to you even in bad mood, if it is important to you.

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