Do you or do you not believe in an afterlife? What makes you sure about your opinion?

I live near a big graveyard and the adjacent street is lined with shops selling coffins, flowers, and memorial plaques - all to horrendous prices. Many graves get removed once somebody stops paying for them, which happens pretty often. Do you think this is appropriate?

My countries general funeral traditions are Christian. We have a sad burial ceremony with some speeches where we bury a coffin under a cross in a graveyard. We don't really talk about the afterlife, except that it's a better place.

Now that christiany has been nearly wiped off the earth by islam /s , do you think it’s okay to respectfully talk about our treatment of the dead? How is it done in your country? What do you think of other traditions, e.g. the ancient Egyptians, with lots of materialstic grave gifts and even traps to defend the final resting place of a body? Do you visit, decorate, or upkeep graves? Why not?

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