Not everything has to be sexy

Yeah and it only takes that 1% of the day for you to find someone to cheat on him with. Yeah you're thinking about sex all the time, but when you finally come around to it you want your man to put away all that emotion and fuck your brains out. Good for wives who already have their husbands next to them. The husbands who already put in years of work into the relationship (holding frame). But just a regular boyfriend? If she gets the opportunity she can just fuck some other dude behind his back who does turn her on fir that 1% of her life. Then go back to the ignorant emotional tampon and tell him it's okay to cry because you "love him" and want him to be sincere.

This is the thing women conveniently leave out when discussing this topic. The boyfriends that gets away with being emotional already put in the time to be "alpha" in her eyes. He can afford to cry a little because he's already a sex object in her eyes. Everyone else? She doesn't owe those guys anything. She'll appreciate him being open and honest while she has him around. Then when she feels like having sex she can just pick a different guy out of her rotation. Boyfriend puts in all the emotional labor and her fuck buddy gets the reward.

This isn't to say all women are looking to cheat. This is to remind men how easy women can get sex. That while you are connecting with her on an emotional level she can be connecting with someone else physically (if you catch my drift). Men take on all the risk opening up and she gets all the reward. I don't personally believe that most women act this way. It's just the reality of the hookup culture we're apart of. If you're not fucking her someone else is. So it's in a guy's best interest to always be that guy in her eyes. At least up front till there is a commitment between the two of you. Even then, there's no stopping her from having a list of back up guys for when she's tired of you. Then you're back to square one.Time to open up with the next girl because women say so right?

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