Do not forget that 40% of police officers in America have admitted to abusing their wives and families.

You’re applying your bias, individual opinion across thousands of people. Have you met every officer in the world and are informed on their motivations? And what makes you an expert on law enforcement exactly? If a black person robs you, do you assume every black person is a thief like you apply across cops, or does that logic only apply when it fits your opinion? Do you think there should be no law or order and people should murder without being arrested? Do you understand there are “good” and “bad” people in every profession, but only the bad stories are played up on tv? Or do you just blindly follow everything the media tells you?

Y’all just hypocrites pretending your personal opinion or experience is a fact spanning across the world. It’s the bizarre, ignorant rationale of someone who doesn’t understand the world is full of complexities and not everything is black and white - but I guess ”wah Cop Bad!!” is easier than applying critical thinking skills or recognizing your own confirmation bias! So yes honestly good luck with all that.

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