Not getting recognized for your accomplishments at work and being offered crumbles to stay quiet

I feel like you are in the kind of position in your company that no-one would want to be in. High enough to be accountable for millions of dollars but so high that you can just shake it off if a deal was to fall through or a contract was to break off. Basically it seems like your higher ups are reaping all of the benefits of your work. Payday if you pull through, and if you don’t...they have themselves a fall guy. I would start looking for a new position if I were you- especially if you have a family to take care of. If they have you right where they want you, then why would they let you move up? Also, I have seen many people in your position take the hit for a massive screwup in the company I work in. Doesn’t matter if they are directly to could be bad luck, or it could be a major collaborative screw up, but when millions are lost, someone has to take the heat. I don’t know the exact details of your position but it kind of sounds like the heat would be on you in that situation.

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