Not A Gun Owner? Here's Why to Vote Against I-1639

I would like to point out that it is in the best interests of the gun community (owners, enthusiasts, stores, ranges, etc.) to address the issue of increasing mass shootings and school shootings. No, that nebulous community is not LEGALLY responsible for doing this, but since that community has utterly failed in this regard - mustering no more energy than pointing the finger at other issues such as mental health - THIS is why we are here now.

Take your collective guilt and shove it.

if I-1639 passes it will be because people are sick and tired of gun violence and are willing to try anything to reduce it, even if it means casting a really wide - and to you nonsensical - net

And to you "sensical." On the collective guilt front, you have a 9.0 earthquake coming. You're not prepared, and when a hundred thousand of you die, don't come running to our side of the mountains for food. It will be your fault.

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