Why not? *laughs in apocalyptic*

I was raised catholic, and always paid attention. I can't speak for all religions of course, and I strongly suspect they are no different at all, but i know for a fact christianity is a joke. Just the other day I was forced to go church, and I kid you not, the bishop called the apostles a bunch of uneducated peasants who were described to be incompentent, those were his exact words. Straight from the mouth of a fucking bishop. The context was that the holy spirit educated them, and gave them the wisdom to spread their knowledge. I admit its kind of impressive that they got the word out, but then again its not that impressive because everybody else around them are uneducated peasants as well. I bet if I were to go back in time I would have 0 trouble at all convincing everybody that I am Jupiter. It's very convenient for him to say that the holy spirit gave them this knowledge, but it got me thinking. Why the fuck do you, and does everybody else take the words that were spread by uneducated, incompetent peasants 2000 years ago? I'm guessing its because you, and everybody else who believes in these fantasies, are an uneducated and incompetent peasants.

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