"It's not a law. We don't care."

More or less, except I think the body count will be low now that we have lots of vaccinated people. Viruses have always existed and all living things age and die at some point. We have made huge sacrifices to protect the vulnerable and moved mountains in terms of scientific achievement to protect humanity as much as possible against this virus. I think what we have done is amazing but we now need to get back to normal or risk losing everything that makes life worth living in the first place. If you disagree I suggest a visit to some overcrowded third world country to gain some perspective.

No doubt any second from now some arsehole will be along to tell me how selfish I am. Let me tell you this. I am getting my second vax mid Aug to appease all the hysterics. After that, anyone who gives me shit about masking, distancing etc, I will beat you with wood.

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