Not me, us

This is too real. Bernie has been fighting for women, African Americans, gays, trans, poor, middle class, etc for decades. Literally decades. And warren, strategically, won't shake his hand because it's a political move that CNN can use to demonize him even more. It's gross. Look, I'm a suicide survivor and it's still hard dealing with my condition. Every day is a struggle and I have medical debt that I can't ever see being paid off. I don't say this because I want sympathy, I say this because under a Sander's administration I believe an abused or neglected kid can grow up to have a chance. I mean, a real chance. Mental health should not be stigmatized and anyone who needs medical care should be able to get it. I want the next generation to have that care. We need to fight and make sure that the corporation's don't win.

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