Not a meme he actually tweeted this

What was my explanation of the joke? And why do you find it stupid,

"He’s saying ‘you’re not president because you don’t think we should nuke hurricanes’; in other words, he’s making a mockery of the fact that the president is a complete moron who says absolutely moronic shit all the time. The state of American politics."

can you remember?

Could you perhaps take one small break from being such a condescending prick?

What’s your interpretation of the joke,

I dont see it as much of a joke in the sense that it isnt funny at all to me. Its vague and makes little sense unless you as the reader give it meaning that wasnt implied.

He could mean that she is too smart to be president in this age.

He could mean that Trump is a buffoon who says moronic things.

He could mean that you have to be a certain level of stupid to get the American voters support.

now that you accept that he was actually making a joke?

I guess you cant take a break from it. I said it wasnt a joke because its terrible. Its possible for that to be true and for me to not think this is a serious statement. This isnt a zero sum game but you dont seem to get that.

Yes, really. When have I been sarcastic?

I either mistook you for someone else or you edited your comment. Someone peppered a fuckton of .......'s and snarky sarcastic responses. Not many people talk like that, Ill recheck to see if thats your style.

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