Not mine but holy stupidity

Relevant username for sure. You seem very furious for some reason.

I've looked it up before already. Calm down a bit and realize what my point was. It's ridiculous for people to have to look up random initialisms that people would only understand if they were the ones who made it up or if it was googled rather than the author simply writing out the words.

Do you also bitch about particularly rare words....

I see your anger is impeding your logic. Rare words are still words that exist in the English language and I'm happy to learn. Weird initialized idioms that some random person on the internet started using is not part of the English language and, unless it's a very common expression, is a bit of a waste of time to have to look up to see what people are trying to say when they could have just written on the words like a literate person.

I wasn't even making a big deal out of it, kiddo. It was just a passing comment, chill out.

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