It's not ok if you're a woman and don't want to have children

I wasn't whining about needing the voice recording (never did I say at any point boo hoo I need someone to speak into a microphone to clear this up for me)

That's precisely what you did in your posts, you whined about no voice context, you whined about it not being in the title, you whined about having to scroll down. And you're still going.

I merely said it wasn't needed.

Actually you said the opposite.

Yes, I saw it, I am not blind.

I'm glad you saw it, i was referring to your whining that you had 'scroll all the way down to see it.'

I am not one of your special needs children.

That is absolutely the most disgusting offensive thing i've seen you say. I've seen you come out with all kinds of bullshit, but this is ignorance and offense on a whole different other level. You clearly have no idea about children with special needs are like or who they should be treated with this kind of statement.

If you weren't upset about people misunderstanding it then you wouldn't have made it.

Bitch seriously, THEY were the one's were who were upset, if you'd bothered to read the post about them being upset and a couple of other tantrum throwers - that's what i made it for. For those who need context for a title, for people like you.

You were obviously mad about the guy saying you needed quotations for clarity or you wouldn't have downvoted him or me for saying it would have added some clarity but there would still be a minute of confusion.

Where are you getting who downvoted you? And just because people downvote you, that doesn't mean you can draw the conclusion that people are upset about what you're saying. No the title doesn't need quotation marks, nor does it need to be a clickable voice link for you either, as many, many other people have said in the entire post. People arn't upset when they downvote and they can downvote for all kinds of reasons. Tell me where you know that it was me downvoting, before you throw a false claim out there.

You also came back hours after my comment was made to another person to jump on my case.

Oh my gosh, you really are a special kind of person arn't you. Do you realize people have lives outside of reddit? Do you realize that they don't always sign in to their OWN thread, because they have other things to do. Just because i replied to your comment, which was made in MY thread, don't give yourself an important pat on the back. Bitch this is reddit, it's a discussion, you arn't exclusive or protected or private, anyone can respond, that doesn't mean people got upset at you, it means that they want to reply. Would you believe it's as simple as that?

And saying fuck right off dickhead is even less mature than saying pissy.

That's your very petty grade school level judgement, but with someone like you, sometimes that's what it takes!

I am happy you choose not to have children, but sad you are a teacher.

Oh look everyone!!! Maturity at the most!!!! You are now officially the exception in this entire thread of not just women but women who are mothers who have written into the thread and have said 'thankyou for teaching' 'you're doing a wonderful thing for society'.

I've been on your profile. I feel incredibly sorry for your children who have a mother who acts like a grade school, small minded ignorant bully and falsely accuses left right centre and can't produce sound reasoning to save her life. I think you're a petty ignorant idiot. I'm going to go back to work soon, where just like on reddit where those mothers congratulated me and thanked me for what i do, go back to school where i receive flowers, cards and presents all the time thanking me for the work I not just with 'my special needs children' (gosh you are disgusting and ignorant) but across all ages.

You obviously can't handle confrontation in a mature manner.

Here's what's immature: Being unable to reason soundly, falsely accusing for the sake of your argument, being so untouchable that you don't allow an op to respond to your comment in THEIR OWN thread because you're too 'special' for that arn't you. You've thrown out idiotic statements left and right about how when you're corrected you take it well - bitch you've been everything but! You've even comprehended the post or responded constructively to the content of the post. All you did was jump up about about quotation marks because your stupid idiotic self didn't bother to read the meaning behind it in the post. Or if it did, it failed comprehension completely. Again.

Sorry I wasted my time reading your whining.

I'm sorry you came here too. Let me educate you bitch: it's called "off my chest" if you don't want to hear a vent, don't come here. If you can't grasp satire or prejudice don't go round lecturing on quotation marks, especially when the grammar aspect of it completely failed you. If you don't want people to reply to you DON'T WRITE INTO A THREAD ON A REDDIT. Want to know how many people reply to others who weren't part of their comment? You were talking ABOUT me in MY thread, I was more than welcome to jump in, sorry you couldn't take it princess.

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