Not to be political or anything, but wtf is milk?

It's not a safe alternative to smoking because it's literally just as bad or worse. Juuls have far more chemicals and a much higher nicotine concentration.

"6 people died from vape!" is a flawed-as-fuck argument because it's been what? four years they've been mainstream? Whereas cigarettes are a century old and we're just recently finding out how truly detrimental it is (sure, we knew for a while it was bad but it was still accepted). We already know vaping is straightup not good for you, and the only people making the argument in this meme are probably vapers or people on Reddit too much. I don't know. It's not good for you and they need to be banned.

And a lot of people are going to strawman this into me saying "smoking is ok" but no, it isn't either. Saying vaping should be banned is not the same as saying smoking should be ok.

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