Not self promoting here but after a lot of research I finally found the real identity of Steve's daughter, Erin Siena Jobs. Apparently, she goes by the name Erin Powell. Even Daily Mail has posted wrong pictures of her. I am just a beginner so keep the criticism on the down low.

Let's not generalize people without knowing their story. Unlike you, I live in a third world country wherein being a writer means who either write stuff like this or rot. And I think the term stalking is thrown around a lot loosely these days. I didn't follow her or trace her or anything. All I did was some research in Google. You're saying Google is a stalker as well. If big American outlets like People or UK based Daily Mail does it then it's fine but when a person from small country does, people starts making a lot of noise. It's my job, I got no choice. Someday if I'll earn some decent money then surely I will pursue my interest, that is, writing fiction.

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