Not sure how many here have realised this but it seems that the AC-556 doesn't have a trigger...

Well actually select fire ruger mini-14s are extremely rare


have never really been used by the military

Our military, but they have seen service for other countries and special units. There was even a picture of some french counter terror guys holding them after the last shooting over there.

Also the mini 14 and ac556 are actually slightly different, the ac556 has a slightly longer receiver to accommodate a select fire trigger group.

Very slightly, and that has no bearing on magazine interchangeability.

Also AR platforms are inherently more accurate especially if equipped with a free floating barrel (which is extremely easy to do on AR's and quite common these days, next to if not completely impossible on the mini-14 or even M14 platform) but that would take some time to explain if you aren't familiar with firearms.

That's why I said in my original post that ARs are more accurate IRL. I'm not even sure if this game accounts for MOA accuracy, but I would assume not since they don't use bullet drop. Which leads into my point about magazine capacity. If you're dealing with a gun that's supposed to be less accurate than AR platforms, why shouldn't you have more ammo to make up for it?

And on the topic of free floating barrels, that's not the only thing that makes a difference. If you actually bed your mini's barrel and receiver that alone will tighten your groups. Throw on an accu-strut or mo-rod and you'll squeeze things even tighter. I mean, even Brownells did a write up on how you can improve your accuracy. You probably won't ever get it close to a bench rifle AR, but you can make them better.

the mini14 and M16 have next to nothing in common.

Same round, both select fire, same magazine options available, same ability for picatinny rails and attachments, and after some work and a thicker barrel, comparable accuracy.

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