Not sure how much longer I [20 F] can deal with my boyfriends [21 M] family

Look, just tell your bf that you don't want to be around his parents anymore. Set boundaries for yourself. However, realise that you can't just blame them for everything. Your bf is in his 20s now... he should be able to critically look at his parents' behaviour and figure out what HE wants from now on, how HE finances his life etc. The way you sometimes talk, you almost sound like a parent.... if you don't take a step back, you'll resent him at one point.

I want to move into our own place desperately but we don't have the money. I'm so worried about supporting him and our financial future that I most likely am going to give up things I want to do, like study abroad.

If you want to move out, move in with roommates first or get your own place. Your bf should do the same. Don't sacrifice anything that has to do with your education. If you want to do a stay-abroad, do it.

I know we will get into a disagreement tomorrow because I am going to pay his medical bills because soon collections will be coming after him due to it being late and his credit is already poor, so in the end it will affect us.

I really think you should stop supporting your bf this much. If your bf struggles, he should talk to the school counselor, reduce his work load next semester, get a part-time job and a loan. What would he do if he didn't have a gf?

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