Not sure if the mods will allow this but just a heads up for anyone around!

I was nearly killed by a woman checking her Facebook while driving a Range Rover sport. Fully in support of this. And it’s only getting worse, my younger brother gave me a lift 3 days after passing his test and even he was doing it, I went fucking ballistic. I’m an idiot sometimes but I’d never be that fucking stupid. I think anyone who goes on their phone whilst driving a fucking >1 tonne machine are irresponsible immature selfish wankers and they need to give their head a shake if they think that social media ( or any kind of social interaction) is more important than keeping their eyes on the road. I think if they said it’s a £1000 fine then that would solve everything. Rather than coppers getting on buses and slapping people with the £60 or whatever it is. Just make the fine really big and I think it will stop a lot of people from doing it. No one wants to be skint. They’d have nothing to put on social media if they were

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