Do not try to fake vaccine cards

You have every right to refuse the vaccine or be vaccine hesitant. I would recommend against it. Look no further than Dr. Linsey Marr who did a lot of this research for our community. The numbers for vaccines don't lie though, since this year we're basically down to counting covid cases on one hand (did you know there was <200 cases this previous weekend in VA?).

The problem though is -- the rest of the world is hurting, from the UK to India to Brazil plus everything in between. We're not out of this pandemic yet despite how successful the US is doing. There are still fears of new variants (for example, the Indian Delta variant increased cases in the UK this week) we need to worry about.

We are NOT DONE WITH THE PANDEMIC, you need to realize that there are so many countries fighting for vaccines that would kill for our overabundance of vaccines. If you don't want it, fine, but then you shouldn't come to any large indoor or public spaces in the meantime because you are still a risk.

Not just for you but for everyone else. If you look at the recent deaths a lot of them are much younger, in fact, a Denver police officer passed away at 33 from it after being "anti-vaxx"

Ut Proism - "That I May Serve.” includes doing what's best for the community and world. If you disagree I am sure there are many universities that will take you in.

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