It's not you, women just don't like to be approached in public

This is why I said "Absolutely BEAT INTO GUYS' HEADS the critical nature of consent, and to develop a crystal clear sense of how comfortable a girl is at every moment of the interaction, but it's necessary to have awkward approaches."

It's a paradox, but a necessary one. They can still critique the approach, but the emotional content is different and not dependent on the reaction of the girl.

Maybe this is the problem: The RSD forum used to have two communities which somewhat intermingled. The first was the FR forum, that's where actual players talked, posting reports and sharing tips. Players would sometimes make novel theory posts in the main forum, but most of the posts in the main forum were different. The main forum was flooded with dudes asking for advice with a single girl or complaining about how game didn't work. One group actively approached and played, and the other just keyboard jockeyed and didn't get anywhere. The problem comes in when you intermix the communities in a subreddit like this, you waste both groups' time.

We need to break seduction into two different disciplines at this point:

Cold approach theory(Mystery Method and its derivatives, RSD and other natural game)Regular self help(grooming, making friends, traditional dating, Mark Manson etc.) .

The problem is that cold approach models do not help guys who don't want to put in the work approaching. It's an alpha strategy that can take years of focused practice to get down. The models can actually actively do harm by making them play games and putting them in their heads. Guys who want regular help with social skills need mainstream advice. They need to see a therapist, and they need to be encouraged to engage socially with their community.

My experience is, that there's this uncanny valley between a guy who is good with girls, and a guy who can find a girl but only after she makes him wait for a month. The alpha and the beta. Cold approach is like the workout regimen that allows you to jump the gap. Most guys in here don't want to be alpha, they just want to find a nice girl.

I see this sub going in two mutually exclusive directions: One dedicated to the game, and one dedicated to basic social skills.

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