Not Wrong

Yes, wealth allows you to pay to be treated better than other people. I’m not denying that.

I imagine you see that the wealthy deserve that as they have worked so very hard and are better. Ignoring the fact that the majority of wealth is inherited (look at Forbes rich list info on starting wealth) and one can work just as hard in other professions (nurse, carer, emt etc.) it just so happens that (thankfully) many people work hard in these professions so they’re not as economically lucrative.

I would also argue that the existence of billionaires shows how corrupt the ‘meritocracy’ currently is (a person with say, 2 billion dollars, could give away $1 every second for 33years and they’d still be left with $1 billion).

I’m sorry but no one person has ‘earnt’ or should have the right to that much power (as money counts as a form of ‘freedom of speech’ in America political power can be bought, which is why there is so much rampant corruption with donors/lobbyists).

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